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Ahtopol is situated 80 km. from Burgas in the southern Black Sea coast, where sunny days are the days more than a year, where fishing boats and barrels of wine are not a tourist attraction, a part of everyday life.
Here are preserved valuable monuments from all eras of its millennial existence - old fortress walls from the Roman era and Middle Ages, Byzantine and Medieval churches, old houses from XVIII and XIX century.
Contact with this ancient city will be for you the most enjoyable and unforgettable experience!

In a pleasant and romantic atmosphere with a whiff of sea, can taste the national cuisine dishes, fish dishes, game, exotic cocktails and drinks, combined with high standard of service. Numerous restaurants and entertainment and meet the most sophisticated interests.

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Family Hotel Ahtopol is situated in the city center 100 meters from the beach. Featuring comfortable and multifunctional, the hotel offers all amenities for a complete tourism at affordable prices. Cozy atmosphere, local heating, cable TV and any other year-round recreation facilities are available for hotel guests.
Offers accommodation in 15 rooms each with two beds. Three of the rooms have bunk sofa and can be employed as a triplet. All rooms have private bathroom and bath, refrigerator, cable TV and balcony with beautiful sea and Strandja.
The hotel has meeting and organize transport from Burgas airport, 90 km from the city and airport of Varna, 200 km from the city. The prices are not included in accommodation package and pay extra.